Amazing Places to Travel Alone for The First Time

By Jake Schroeder
Travel Alone
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Don't you think that travel alone sounds so crazy? But it's not true, you may have the best feeling ever at the time you put your feet in these places. These countries on these special lists may be a perfect choice for you when you are so twisted about "where should I go"! Because these destinations have been recommended by not only many visitors but also famous travel bloggers.
All of them shared pleased feelings and happy experience once they arrive in these countries. They are often surprised by the beauty of the sceneries and the safety here. They also receive the hospitality of the habitants and good breezy navigation. This list is suitable for you so what else are you waiting for? 


This fascinating country is known for its perfect wine, beautiful beaches with long sand and football, too. Portugal is in the top-list and is recommended by many famous bloggers! You can't resist the attraction of the ancient cities with historic culture. This is an amazing destination you should travel to if you want to enjoy the sunny weather!

Photo Courtesy: robin inizan/Unsplash

You may want to lose in Portugal. It is a safe and the most comfortable destination for solo- traveler's visits. The inhabitants here are so friendly and they easily make a happy conversation with you. They can also help you in need. Moreover, Portuguese are also curious and they often like to know more about foreigners.
This eagerness in learning is showed off in the diverse of their old museums. A special thing you should know is that this country is voted as the friendliest place to travel. Lisbon is the city visitors often go to. They like the feeling lost in the hills and exploring the cobblestone streets.
The visitors can also check the stunning old architecture and the dazzling modern art scenes. Another distinguished point of this beautiful country is the Baixa district and the St. George's Castle. The others are the medieval Belem Tower or the outstanding historic Alfama’s rooftops.
Your trip may not perfect if you don’t try to move by tram and enjoy the fresh taste of the newly baked custard tart. This tart has a special name "pastel de nata”. Once you go to Portugal, you can't miss the charming city called Porto. This city is suitable for those who love Harry Potter. Because there is a famous bookstore called Livraria Lello which inspired too much in Hogwarts Library.


Another amazing destination you should visit is Thailand. Thailand is one of the most popular places international visitors go to. It placed in Southeast Asia. If you want to travel alone but have a "small pocket", this destination suits you. Thailand is a famous place for good street food and friendly local people.

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Once you go to the night market, the locals will hospitably welcome you and invite you to try their food.Bangkok is a well-known destination for many visitors highly recommended. You easily fell in love with this lovely city. There are lots of famous attractive places you should try when you visit here. They are the Grand Palace, the historic Temple of Dawn- Wat Arun and so on.
If the city brings you the stuffy feeling, let go to the Koh Tao island. You may have a wonderful place to relax with a small cost of $20. This is a wonderful dream of your young. There is a beautiful long sand-beach with green trees. Just imagine you are lying here and enjoy the freshness of the air and wind. So cool!


Japan is known as a safe and cleanest destination. This beautiful country is also known as a well- organized and modern technological advances place. Another thing that pleased the visitors is the friendliness of locals here. All of these make Japan be a stunning and ideal place to visit. You may don’t need to be worried if you don’t know their language. You can offer the “Tokyo Bon song” to learn something fun!

Photo Courtesy: Walter Mario Stein/Unsplash

 Japan is also known as a “sakura world" with many beautiful flowers. If you have a plan visiting this country, let visitors in the spring. Because when the spring comes, the air is so fresh and the flowers are fully blossom. You may have plenty of photos with the flower. Don’t forget to dress a ‘kimono- the traditional costume of Japanese’ before taking a selfie!
Once you plan to travel here, let visit full of these amazing three destinations. The first one is a modern city with many colorful bright lights. There are plenty of very high skyscrapers. You may need to take photos of these attractive places such as the Tokyo Tower, the mysterious temple Senso-Ji. Don’t miss the noisy Tsukiji Market!
Let grab a chance to experience the interest of high-speed bullet train here. Choose the journey from Kyoto to Osaka. Kyoto is peaceful and looks like the countryside with many ancient temples. Tokyo isnot as traditional as Kyoto. Kyoto is also the hometown of Hattori- a famous character in Detective Conan. Some well-known destination here is a bamboo forest- Arashiyama and famous Shinto shrine with “god gates”- Fushimi Inari Taisha.
Another well-known city in Japan is Osaka. Osaka is often compared to Tokyo. But don't hesitate to visit this city as it has a special vibe. You may feel surprised by the beauty of Japan’s Universal Studios. Another impressive attraction is the a.k.a which is the main center of Osaka.

New Zealand

If you are a fan of The Lord of The Rings, you may realize this beautiful city. New Zealand is the main location of this film. Moreover, it is highly recommended as the best place to visit for travelers who go alone. This country brings a warm and gorgeous environment which make the visitor happy.

New Zealand
Photo Courtesy: Paula May/Unsplash

New Zealand is also known as the safest place in the world. It will provide the best prioritize safety for visitors. Don’t you know that North Island and South Island make big New Zealand?
If you put your feet on the North Island, let check out the well-known Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Don’t miss to explore the beauty and power of Huka Falls. Besides that, another impressive attraction you must visit is the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour.
Not only that, but you may also be very surprised once you see the fascinating beauty of Milford Sound. This attraction is placed on the South Island. You can explore many beautiful parks and lakes and enjoy the imposing views of the mountains. If you love nature and would like to visit the national park, let go to Abel Tasman and Mount Cook.


Hawaii is not just for those who travelers a lot, it is also an amazing destination for those who travel for the first time. If you are looking for a place to relax and explore new things about history, Hawaii should be on your plan. Once you visit this stunning place, you don't need to be worried about that there are enough entertainments to enjoy. 

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Hawaii owns four unique islands that bring plenty of interests to tourists. The first one is Kauai. It is known as the Garden Isle. Kauai is a peaceful place you have ever known. If you hate the crowds and want to find a place to feel the peace, Kauai will suit you. This is the home of big green cliffs. You can observe the Na Pali Coast and also the dramatic Waimea Canyon.
The second one is Maui. This interesting attraction suits for those who love the beach and adventure lovers. You can't imagine how great it is once seeing the sunrise at a very high height. You can even experience the Road to Hana to find the meaning of your life. This road has many dangerous turns that challenge your bravery. Maui's beaches are also voted as the most beautiful beach by many travelers.
If you can resist the cuteness of animals, Big Island is your animal world. This amazing island owns plenty of unique landscapes. They are mountains covered by snow and the fascinating humid rainforests. You may not be disappointed with these different destinations. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a place that attracts many tourists.And if you want to play with green sea turtles, don't miss the Kohala Coast!
The last one is Oahu. This place will please all tourists' stomach. It can be said to be the miracle of food and shopping. You may find plenty of interesting products here. Although this island seems so noisy with many actions, you may feel a little unique specialty. Don't miss the Waikiki Beach with beautiful long sandy beaches. If you want to explore Oahu's culture, let check out at Pearl Harbor museums!