Celebrities with similar faces look the same at different times

By Jake Schroeder
Photo Courtesy: Columbia Pictures/IMDb

When you talk about the past and the present, you will realize that some celebrities have similar faces. It could be a singer with a face that looks like the face of another actor, or a host with some similarities on a basketball player's face ... But, in this article, there is more interesting between these similarities. Let find out

Harry Styles - Mick Jagger

First, we have Harry Styles - a member of One Direction, and Mick Jagger - a celebrity of the Stones Stones. They are all famous in the field of music, and they belong to boy bands. Did you find this interesting?

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros./IMDb

I want you to pay attention to Harry Styles' hair, you will find it very wild. Around the time Harry was acting as a singer in One Direction, he looked like a son of Mick Jagger.

Katherine Heigl - Judy Garland

Star Judy Garland who won the Academy Award, is a very famous actress. She is well known for being an important role in The Wizard of Oz. There is another beautiful actress who has done a greater career due to a nearer sameness. This is  Katherine Heigl, a potential woman who could play a perfect younger Garland.

Photo Courtesy: USA Network, Warner Bros./IMDb

With the first role in a famous medical film of Greg's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl has started to be aware of the popularity.  More and more people started to enjoy and love her roles and shows in feature films.

Taraji P. Henson - Tammi Terrell

Taraij P is very famous and has many obvious relationships. The series Empire seems to bring the actress a big kingdom of herself. Taraji P is one of the most stars that have a bright future of today. Another interesting about her is that she has lots of similarities to a celebrity from many decades ago.

Photo Courtesy: Fox, Tomovox/IMDb

This is the Tammi Terrell who is highly the same as Taraji P. She gets the fans as a Motown singer in the 60s. This point made her sameness to Taraji P. Henson is also more impressive a great empire about music.

Lily Collins - Audrey Hepburn

You will recognize that Lily Collins does not belong to royalty. With this truth, the admirers can't stop talking about her sameness to Audrey Hepburn. She is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood all the time.

Photo Courtesy: Amazon Studios, Paramount Pictures/IMDb

You won’t believe that when the fame of Collins increases highly,  a funny thing happens. The number of people cares about her similarities to the Austrian superstar Audrey Hepburn increasing, too. Although this comparison is just right with some people, especially Lily Collins keeps going on.

Ryan Gosling - James Stewart

If a handsome actor has perfect time, he could go so far. Take Ryan Gosling as an example: he has shined on many screens throughout his career. Moreover, he also is recalled with a famous actor in the past -James Stewart.

Photo Courtesy: Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures/IMDb

Sometimes, the admirers can see the old legend Hollywood - James Stewart in Gosling's shows. He is said to have the same versatility. Moreover, Stewart could also do a romantic comedy easier as a fascinating drama.  Both of them sometimes, look quite the same.

Jennifer Lawrence - Zubaida Tharwat

Although the time has passed away for so long with many decades, the truth about two ladies can be untold.  We can’t say that there is no sameness between Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat. They may be the sisters!

Photo Courtesy: Lionsgate, Ramses Naguib/IMDb

Lawrence appeared in many famous dramas and movies, and it gives her a good living. However, Tharwat had a tedious career and that can’t please her. Most of her films are released for Western audiences. But in reality,  her strong relative belongs to her home country of Egypt.

Zac Efron - Leonard Whiting

Handsome teen boys might seem like a hot trend these days. With the influence of the internet, young actors can make the best surprises for their audiences. Sometimes, its society as if makes a twit in determining a new level for boy craziness. 

Photo Courtesy: Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures/IMDb

However, the reality is that teens always like these handsome boys. They always on two sides for the classic boy and modern boys. Let take a look at Zac Efron and Leonard Whiting. Two handsome men from two different generations own the same classic outlook.

Debra Messing -  Lucille Ball

There are a lot of similarities between celebs that make the admirers surprise. The two ladies here is one of them. They are being compared to another who doesn't have any common with them. But if you observe deeply, you will see the interesting.

Photo Courtesy: NBC, MGM/IMDb

Now let look at these popular comedians, Debra Messing and Lucille Ball who own a unique redhead. Although their TV careers can't go further enough to make a big bang. Messing and Ball always remind each other whenever the audience watches them on screen.

Drew Barrymore - Lionel Barrymore

Unlike a real family relationship that has many similarities, Drew Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore have surprised many people. 

Photo Courtesy: New Line Cinema, Columbia Pictures/IMDb

The special of these celebs don't have any same ADN gen. This is what makes their sameness more strange.  Don’t talk about their genders or unclear relationship,  Drew Barrymore and Lionel Barrymorehave have a lot of facial similarities.

George Clooney - Cary Grant

George Clooney is known as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor in many decades. Moreover, he is the first actor to own a big amount of fans through his marriage. Now, take a look at his look-alike, Cary Grant. He has married five times with five women. Grant may not a good person for relationships like Clooney.

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures/IMDb

It's really funny that two men can have many common in personal lives. Moreover, there is no argument in the charming of two successful leading men.

Gwen Stefani - Marilyn Monroe

As you have known that, some celebs get such fame that it can't be possible to think about. And of course, when you look at Gwen Stefani, you will wonder that you have seen Marilyn Monroe again.

Photo Courtesy: Miramax, Twentieth Century Fox/IMDb

Both of the celebs own the blond curly hair. There's no doubt that Marilyn Monroe has owned a bigger and higher career than Gwen Stefani has. Don't talk about the quality of Gwen music, Monroe is the beautiful statue that can't be destroyed by anyone. Although Stefani is a talented and charming girl, she has to try too much.

Christina Aguilera - Vivien Leigh

Having the same lives as Stefani and Monroe, Christina Aguilera and Vivien Leigh are also attached over time. Aguilera can't be a success with an actress's career. And, Leigh never has the same Aguilera's music status.

Photo Courtesy: Screen Gems, MGM/IMDb

But the things bring two ladies to come close is their looks. Both of them are beautiful with the unique charming part. The more special of these ladies is the blonde hair which attracted many people.

Lindsay Lohan - Elizabeth Taylor

Your mind maybe doesn't necessarily compare between two different ladies in two parts. They are Lindsay Lohan and the Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor. There still would be some proof to show that there are many similarities between them.

Photo Courtesy: Silver Screen Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox/IMDb

The first thing is that both ladies appeared at the same time the gossip of celebrities has cared highly. The netizen doesn't care about what or who they work with. They just do anything to get as many personal inner workings as possible of these poor beautiful celebrities' lives.

Daniel Craig - Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby is well known for his tap-dancing and a famous oozing superstar. His lookalike- Daniel Craig is famous for being the legend of the legend- James Bond series.

Photo Courtesy: Sony Pictures Classics, Twentieth Century Fox/IMDb

When you look on paper, you can’t recognize their similarities. But when you compare their looks, in reality, you will see the difference. It shows that Hollywood superstar doesn't change their appearance over many years. With that funny thought, can you that imagine one day Bing Crosby can play James Bond?

Mark Ruffalo - Burt Reynolds

You won't believe that two men from two different eras can still have much sameness. Mark Ruffalo is the first man who becomes the superstar in the Marvel Studios. The last one is Burt Reynolds who become the most noticeable leading man of all time.

Photo Courtesy: Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures/IMDb

If you observe, you should realize that both Ruffalo and Reynolds have a lot of in common. The special common is their last name that starts with R. Moreover when you look at them, you can have a real sense of charm, believe me!

Chloë Grace Moretz - Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine and Chloë Grace Moretz who used to be the famous child stars. They are always making an effort to keep their stardom staying strongly when they turn into adulthood. You won’t imagine that both of these ladies have many similarities than you think.

Photo Courtesy: GK Films, RKO Radio Pictures/IMDb

Both of them used to have a difficult time escaping the child's famous shape. These blonde-haired actresses own something special to make them brighten in all competition. Moreover, it can be said that these ladies should receive more praise than they can have now. 

Scott Eastwood - Clint Eastwood

We have known that there are lots of father-son duos that completely look the same, Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood are an example. They are the example that makes people surprises.

Photo Courtesy: Open Road Films, Paramount Pictures/IMDb

Clint is well known for starting in B-movies before taking part in one of the most affected directors now. It continues but as if Eastwood's son Scott can go beyond the B-movies now and keep moving on his dad’s career.

Brad Pitt - Robert Redford

Robert Redford is well-known for his successful career as a famous actor and the best film producer. It is said that his lookalike would make a similar plan. Brad Pitt is a gifted actor and has just currently won an Oscar for the best producer.

Photo Courtesy: Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures/IMDb

These actors can be played as a father and son role if  Redford doesn't retire. Another thing we should care about is the success of Redford’s career.  There's no doubt that Pitt will attempt to continue to gain the best succession.

Michael Fassbender -  Christopher Plummer

How can you tell the similarities between a German and a Canadian? But in reality, you can do with the sameness between dramatic-actor Michael Fassbender and our acting legend Christopher Plummer.

Michael Fassbender and Christopher Plummer
Photo Courtesy: Gold Circle Films, Twentieth Century Fox/IMDb

Both of them don't have too much time left to work together. However,  the fan always hopes that there is a last chance for their collaborator. There's no doubt that when they work together, a fascinating film can be released.

Maya Rudolph - Dorothy Dandridge

Although two ladies don't work in the same part, though, their looks bring them close. Maya Rudolph is a comedian while Dorothy Dandridge is a fascinating dramatic actress. Unluckily, Dorothy has a moderately brief career as an Old Hollywood star.

Maya Rudolph and Dorothy Dandridge
Photo Courtesy: Fox, Twentieth Century Fox/IMDb

Rudolph is famous from the Saturday Night Live with extra melodramatic roles. Dandridge is known for her important role in Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones with a fascinating life. There is a hope that they can join in a famous 20th comedy together.

P!nk - Kim Novak

What surprises at the first sight you look at P!nk and Kim Novak looks? They are two unique characters come from different parts. Their looks are the thing always bring amazing to popularity.

P!nk and Kim Novak
Photo Courtesy: P!NK, Columbia Pictures/IMDb

P!nk is a pop recording artist singing in the Top40 hits. Kim Novak is a classic leading lady. She is also a famous actress in many best films belongs to Alfred Hitchcock and Otto Preminger. Although those two ladies love short blonde hair, P!nk is more special with many hair colors! 

Natalie Dormer - Gene Tierney

The fan of Games of Thrones has thought about what their idol- Natalie Dormer will do next. If she wants to be more beautiful and think about what she would so when she was old, Gene Tierney is a good reason to follow.

Natalie Dormer and Gene Tierney
Photo Courtesy: HBO, Twentieth Century Fox/IMDb

Gene Tierney is known as a famous actress in dramas from famous directors. Her fame is also bigger by working with Alfred Hitchcock, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and numerous filmmakers. If Dormer tried her best, she could have a successful career like Gene and even more bright.

Ansel Elgort - Marlon Brando

All the celebrities sometimes recognize themselves as having a similarity to a legend from the past. Ansel Elgort and Marlon Brando is a noticeable set of a lookalike.

Ansel Elgort and Marlon Brando
Photo Courtesy: Twentieth Century Fox, United Artists/IMDb

While Elgort has to make a big effort to gain a good role in his career, Brando is in contrast.  Perhaps Elgort's appearance close to the Oscar winner, he may have a bright future. With the approaching publication of Steven Spielberg's West Side Story, the comparisons between these actors continue, too.

Robert Pattinson - Paul Newman

Social media has been jejune after exploring the strong sameness between Robert Pattinson and Paul Newman.

Robert Pattinson and Paul Newman
Photo Courtesy: Prospero Pictures, MGM/IMDb

After tedious roles in the franchise films as Harry Potter and Twilight, Pattinson’s career has increased stability with smaller roles. These roles bring him many good acclaimed. “His twin” Paul Newman is a 20th-century superstar. With the main role in an approaching Batman, there is an ability that he will touch the Newman's heights soon. 

Millie Bobby Brown - Natalie Portman

The admirers have been well aware of some interesting comparisons between the actor Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman.

Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman
Photo Courtesy: Netflix, Warner Bros./IMDb

Portman began her acting career at a young age. She rapidly became a teenage star and receives much love from admirers. Still, now, she is one of the most noticeable actresses in the acting industry. Millie Bobby Brown was a Stranger Things star. She also was a successful teenager star in the past. Unluckily, her acting career isn't bon voyage.

Saoirse Ronan - Meryl Streep

Celebrity look-alikes are always a fun and interesting aspect that has many cares. But what is even more amazing that you see celeb looks like another celeb? This is the truth with the case of Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep.

Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep
Photo Courtesy: BBC Films, Universal Pictures/IMDb

Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep had worked together in Little Women, 2019. Their fan not only watches the movie but also observe their idols "two in one" shape. These actress has told that they didn't share just appearance and roles in a film. They even share most of their feelings. They can be a hot set look-alikes of all time.

Margot Robbie - Jamie Pressly

Fans of Margot Robbie and  Jamie Pressly sometimes can act cool in 5 seconds to realize their idols. Because both of them are so similar that they make everybody be twisted.

Margot Robbie and Jamie Pressly
Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros., Fox/IMDb

The sitcom My Name Is Earl has brought big fame for Jaime Pressly. " Her twin's sister" is Margot Robbie who acted perfectly in The Wolf Of Wall Street and Suicide Squad. Both of these actresses have brought many funny memes and stories to their fans because of this interesting similarities.

Cole Sprouse - Leonardo DiCaprio

Don’t you think that Cole Sprouse looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio? Perhaps that, our handsome actor in Titanic has a twin that he didn’t recognize that?

Cole Sprouse and Leonardo DiCaprio
Photo Courtesy: CBS, Paramount Pictures/IMDb

Beginning as a child actor in the Disney Show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cole has maintained the beauty of a celeb. He also still keeps his acting career higher with many amazing films. Besides that, with the similarities with Dicaprio, the fame of Cole has increased more with many fun facts.

Sebastian Stan - Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan have been made aware of their similarities and they don't hesitate to share the fun with it.

Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill
Photo Courtesy: Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm/IMDb

Sebastian Stan was going to make a funny video to note the similarities between him and Hamill. Hamill has a funny beard currently and he was the main character in this clip -Stan’s dad. It's wonderful to see that they are still happy and have fun together. In the past, Hamill has kidded being Stan's father because of the similarities, and don’t forget to leave the line: 'I am your father'.

James Franco - James Dean

Sometimes, the public may think that James Dean reincarnated in James Franco. Because they have many similarities especially the sandy color hair.

James Franco and James Dean
Photo Courtesy: TNT, Warner Bros./IMDb

In the 1900s, at the first time debuted on the acting scene, Franco has received many comparisons on the same with Dean’s appearance.  As a result, Franco was the main actor in James Dean's films( 2001). He acted successfully as if he was James Dean in the biopic of himself.